Aim of the weekend

To help you to develop the musical skills that will enable you to become an improved big band ensemble player and improviser. You will leave at the end of the weekend with a greater understanding of the practical processes of creating big band jazz music and a clear idea of what to practice and how to practice.

How the Jazz Weekend is run

The weeken is run on a non-competitive basis, so that everyone - whatever your level of ability or experience - gets the maximum benefit from the weekend. Each delegate is given the same level of attention. The tutors are concerned to ensure that the course is enjoyable and non-stressful, and that each student is allocated to parts appropriate to their level of ability.

Who should attend?

The course caters equally for adult beginners and experienced professionals. This is achieved by careful grading on the first day to determine your level of instrumental ability so that you can be placed in positions that will work best for you and have fun!

  • If you are a relative beginner to jazz, so long as you have a good basic grasp of your instrument, you will benefit from this weekend. Don't feel that you won't be 'good enough' for the course - it's there to assist you!
  • If you have been playing for several years, this course will help you to refresh your playing and advance it to a higher level.
  • This weekend is ideal for teachers teaching (or wanting to teach) in the jazz idiom either in the classroom or in a big band setting.
  • For teachers we have extra sessions this year on the subject coaching for ABRSM and Trinity Jazz examinations and auditions. We will also discuss the pros and cons of live versus CD accompanying.

Extra-mural activities

Delegates can use the main room or bedroom facilities for practice and jamming after sessions until 10:00pm. On Friday & Saturday evening there will be an informal jam session, with private bar, until 1:00am - for those who wish to take part.

With the exception of pianos / keyboards and amplification, instruments are not provided. Apart from pianists, students should bring their own instruments and music stands. Bassists and guitarists should also bring portable amplifiers, multi-way power sockets and guitar cables. We can help drummers from overseas to hire a drum set for the weekend. Delegates are welcome to record classes for their own personal use only, and may wish to bring a digital recorder or video camera.



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