It is very important to us that all delegates on our jazz weekend take away with them a great experience of playing challenging music charts, by two of the most sought after jazz musicians and educators in Europe.

The weekend caters for adult musicians, and by carefully grading players on the first day to determine your level of instrumental ability, you will be placed in positions that will work best for you, be most comfortable, learn lots, and have fun!

During the sessions it is not necessary for people to improvise if they do not wish to, you can attend purely as a reader. If you are a good reader but with little experience of playing jazz then that’s fine, as you will get a lot out of phrasing, articulation and ensemble playing.

  1. If you are a relative beginner to jazz, so long as you have a good basic grasp of your instrument, you will benefit from this course. Don't feel that you won't be 'good enough' for the course - it's there to assist you!

  2. If you have been playing for several years, this course will help you to refresh your playing and advance it to a higher level.

  3. This course is ideal for teachers teaching (or wanting to teach) in the jazz idiom either in the classroom or in a big band setting.

Our tutors will go through the basics of the style, common rhythmic ideas and jazz terminology, so that everyone is starting to speak the same language.

Breakout sessions with our tutors are available during breaks or evenings, where you can ask anything about the charts your playing, or chord sequences, or even when the next jam session is!

The big band sessions are very informal, and we strive to create a comfortable, relaxed, and friendly environment that encourages creativity and the opportunity to communicate with tutors and colleagues on a level playing field.

If you are wondering typically what sort of music you will be playing, then please follow this link to our sample music page, here you can download sheet music for your instrument, and play along to “Call it a day”, a Steve Waterman composition and arrangement recorded by The Steve Waterman Jazz Orchestra.

This type of arrangement is typically the type of exciting challenge that will greet you after your breakfast, or coffee break - and believe us, you will love it.

Tutor Alan Barnes will, in contrast, present you with his spectacular arrangements, encouraging a different style of playing and soloing, and we have received very positive testimonials from previous delegates on how this slight change of style keeps every session fresh and invigorating.

If after looking at the sample charts if you still have questions, then please contact us for a chat - it is important that your place is right for you, and us.